The complete makeover of the Bozheryanovi family!

In December, just before the holidays, we vowed to give an incredible experience to a few lucky people who need a change!

Hundreds of people took part in our game, organized with the help of our wonderful partners from Some of them wanted the change because of the emotion of the whole experience. Others needed professional advice or had the inner need to change something in themselves and wanted to enter the new year with a fresh new start!

Now we have the chance to introduce you to the lucky ones who have undergone the transformation. We’ll tell you more about each of them and about the team of professionals who made the change possible. Stylist, make-up artist, hairdresser, aesthetician and qualified therapist buses took care of our heroes from head to toe. Here are the results!


Meet the Bozheryanovi family!

She is a young and charismatic mother of three, who soon returns to work and wants to prepare for the new challenges. When Zheni arrived at the store, she was slightly anxious but extremely positive and ready for new experiences.

Mihail and Mihail Jr. came in a whirlwind and fearlessly rushed into the shop. For some time we did not allow them to see Mom, but they were so caught up in the change that it was difficult to focus on anything other than the exciting changes they had been undergoing.

Zheni started first with the help of Premier Dead Sea who took care of her skin. The latest brand in our cosmetics department offers exclusive products containing ingredients from the Dead Sea.

The specialist carefully examined her skin and selects a therapy that will hydrate while lifting and tightening her skin to regain a refreshing and youthful appearance.




At the same time, the boys were already choosing their new clothes with the help of the stylists and consultants of notosgalleries. While Mihail was choosing a shirt that was appropriate for his business meetings, Jr. was busy rushing around our corridors and searching for all the hideout places in the store.

After a while, the little gentleman with his own taste chose a shirt and trousers from Guy Laroche in combination with Converse shoes that allowed him easy games and comfort, while his father bet on the stylish suggestions of The Bostonians and classic brown shoes from Versace 19.69.

The next step in Zheni’s makeover was getting her lash extensions. The procedure was done by the lovely Silviya Petrova.

Silviya is well-known in the Bulgarian television with her over 20 years of experience in the production house Super Art. Her experience as a co-host, assistant, stylist and make-up artist builds her as a connoisseur and creator of beauty. For 4 years now, she has devoted some of her activities to lash extensions, giving women a new look at the world.

Visibly more relaxed and shining, Zheni sat in the hairdresser chair of our beloved hairdresser Maria Alexiadou. 9 years ago, she founded her Pimp My Style brand, and she vows to give to all of those who trust her skilled hands, not only new stylish hairstyles but also a totally new experience and emotion.

This is exactly what happened when Zheni was left at her hands. As the two of them were greeting, Maria already had an idea for her and Zheni surprised us all with her wish to cur her hair drastically!

The decision was made, the hair began falling on the floor under the fast scissors of Maria. We all looked at Zheni with a bit of concern, gave her the mirror and her face immediately lit up. And there surely is a good reason for that! The change is so visible now and apparently, it was strongly desired!

It’s time for the mother anf the son to swich up their places and Misho is quick to jump on the chair. Maria has a lot of experiance working with kids and she is quickly doing her magic while also entertaining our little hero.

In the meantime, Zheni goes secretly through our stylist and is ready to surprise everybody with her final choice. After that she has only one thing to do – get her makeup done in our cosmetics department, where a Dior top makeup artist already awaits her.

We want to emphasize even more on her sparkling eyes with the Dior Precious Rocks holiday collection and turn the attention to the newly acquired smile of hers.

Mihail is also on the final and Maria is quickly refreshing his hairstyle. They are all ready now for the final reveal!

Last touch-ups and a spray of the newest Dior fragrances.

Our heroes are absolutely changed and happier than ever! Zheni, Mihail and Misho came to notosgalleries ready for an adventure and durring the makeover they managed to charge us so much positivity! How easy it is for a few hours with the right professionals to completely change your look and mood. All this in one place – under the roof of the notosgalleries store!

If you wnat to feel the mood of the change and see the makeover in action, check out our video! 

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