Christmas campaign for loyalty customers

The end of the year comes. Hand in hand with it comes also the annual notos|PLUS points deduction. Do not miss the opportunity to exchange your loyalty points for vouchers ONLY IN THE PERIOD 14.12 – 25.12.2018 and buy all needed Christmas gifts on even more holiday friendly pries, only in notosgalleries.


Points, vouchers, covertion… sounds a bit hard to understand, right?


Here’s the easy way to understand what exactly what you can earn, just because you are our loyal customer:


notosPlus points Voucher amount Minimal purchase Valid for
400 p, 20 lv. 100 lv. All departments
1 200 p. 30 lv. 130 lv. All departments except cosmetics
2 000 p. 40 lv. 180 lv. All departments except cosmetics
4 000 p. 90 lv. 350 lv. All departments except cosmetics
7 000 p. 25 lv. All departments
  • All vouchers are valid in the period of 14.1225.12.2018
  • For one purchase, only one voucher can be used.
  • The vouchers are valid only for NON discounted items.
  • The vouchers can not be exchanged for the same amount in cash




Here’s how our annual  lottery will work:


On 31.12.2018 all non-used notos|PLUS points go to our tombola giving you an opportunity to win many exclusive gifts from our store.


On 01.01.2018 a lottery with all unused points will be organized only for notos|PLUS members, giving you the opportunity to win our prizes. The winners and their gifts will be announced on our Facebook page and in our website after the 10.01.2019.


Important: Once reached (no matter which year), all platinum members keep their  –10% discount.


After the 01.01.2019, all notos|PLUS points go back to 0 and you start again reaching your new year’s point levels and playing with our vouchers and benefits.


You can check your notos|PLUS points in the loyalty site here:



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