The Store

notosgalleries awaits you only at Sofia Ring Mall:
3 floors and over 300 world-famous brands in only 1 store.
Everything about you, your family and your home! Come and see our full
collections in – women’s, men’s and children’s fashion; cosmetics; interior!

Working hours

10:00 – 22:00

every day of the week

write us

02 43 91 103

call us

Okolovrasten pat 214 Str., Sofia

find us

If you come by car:

Sofia Ring Mall is located next to the ring road of Ökolovrasten pat”near the route for Simeonovo lift. If you are driving from Mladost 4 in direction for Pernik, keep the right line in the local road and turn right to the highway crossing for the lift. If you are driving in the direction for Plovdiv, pass over “Simeonovsko shose” Blvd eastwards and keep the right lane in the local road. Turn for our parking before the IKEA store.

If you come by public transport:

Sofia Ring Mall has a permanent free shuttle bus. You can take it from the Business Park Metro Station (the bus stop of Building 2). The line is direct and goes right to IKEA and Sofia Ring Mall. You can also visit us by buses 111, 123, 69 and 70.